Omnimo (for Rainmeter) 4.1

Software that can make any Windows OS look like Windows 8

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    (for Rainmeter) 4.1

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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    7.9 (178)

Omnimo is a Rainmeter theme that uses the style of the Windows 8 operating system for a modern and attractive way to customize your desktop.

Omnimo relies on the desktop customization tool Rainmeter being pre-installed. Once you've completed the Rainmeter installation, simply download Omnimo and double-click on the installer. You will then be walked through the setup of a basic Omnimo template. This process is easy, and the result can be enough customization for some users. It includes the programs and tasks used most often such as browsers, music, video, photos and email.

However, for many users, the template is only the first step. There is much more that can be done with Omnimo. Click the tool button on each tile to change the name, application and icon. Some tiles don't even require much change. Click the arrow on the browser icon, and you can choose which browser shortcut is attached to that tile. Discovering these options does require some experimentation. For example, other arrows change the icon size rather than the application.

When you've gone through the options available in the template, there are still multiple options in the panels menu and extras menu. The panels menu includes more tiles for your use. These range from tools to social sites. Blank tiles exist for you to insert your preferred applications. Any of these can be arranged and rearranged on your desktop space. Extras are widgets. These deliver information such as system information and RSS feeds straight to your desktop. As with the templates, the use of these menus requires some browsing and experimentation.

Note that this theme does have a fair amount of support. There are tutorials for Omnimo that make the customization process easier. There are also add-ons to give you even more choices. All in all, Omnimo succeeds in being a great customization tool for those who want to take the time to make their desktop perfect for their use.


  • Extensively customizable.
  • Quick and easy setup of templates.
  • Imitates the style of Windows 8.


  • Going beyond basic setup requires more trial and error.
  • Can affect system performance.
  • Can affect system loading time.

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